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by | Apr 5, 2024

SoCal Access and Video are the premier installers of access control systems in Orange County. We install high-quality commercial security systems suitable for facilities of many sizes in a wide variety of industries, customized to meet the unique needs of each business.

What Is an Access Control System?

An access control system allows businesses or organizations to electronically control who has access to their building and even certain areas of the facility. Access is granted through the use of a token or credential instead of a physical key. This increases security as there is no longer the risk of a lost key or unauthorized copy allowing someone access to your facilities. If a token or credential is lost or compromised, it can quickly be barred, thus preventing unauthorized access. Common tokens or credentials are keycards, a PIN, or a biometric entry, among others.

Common Types of Systems


An IP-based access control system uses your network to control access to your facility and any secure areas within the facility. The necessary information in your network is transmitted to the access device on the door. This information is compared to the information supplied by the token or credential, and if the person is authorized, they are allowed entry.


A cloud-based system does not require on-site servers. Instead, the database is kept in cloud storage. With this type of system, a business does not have the costs of maintaining on-site servers. The access control system is managed and controlled, and reports are printed, by using devices with an internet connection and the necessary permissions.


A standalone system does not need a server or an internet connection. However, it also does not offer the many advantages of the other two types of systems. But because it is economical and has few maintenance costs, it can be a good security solution, particularly for very small businesses.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

IP and cloud-based access control systems are easy to use and have many benefits.

  • Users can quickly be added or removed. This is a major advantage over using physical keys as it lowers the risk of unauthorized access should a key be lost or copied or a former employee fails to return a key.
  • The systems can be monitored or controlled remotely from most devices. This can be very convenient for businesses with several buildings or facilities and when changes are needed outside of business hours.
  • The systems offer different levels of security. Businesses can customize the security access of their employees. They can offer general access to the building to all employees and give access to more secure areas only to the necessary employees. It is also possible to limit access to only certain hours, which can be useful for shift work or just to keep the facility more secure outside of operating hours. The system can also be programmed to allow public access during business hours.
  • An electronic log of entry is kept. This log can be useful as evidence in the case of a break-in or theft to determine who might be responsible. Additionally, it can discourage theft because people know their access is being recorded.

The Advantages of a Customized System

SoCal Access and Video installs custom security systems with several benefits to your business. We will make sure we understand how your business works and discuss your needs with you before we design your business security system. This allows us to help you choose the type of access control system that will best fit your needs and your budget.

Our company will make sure that when we finish installing your system, it will be ready for you to use. We also ensure that your employees are trained to use your new system and will return for additional training if needed. We always ensure you are happy with your system.


SoCal Access and Video is ready to install the best commercial security systems for businesses in Orange County. We will install a business security system that will enhance your security and is easy for you and your employees to use. Furthermore, our systems are designed to work for many years without expensive upgrades. We want to help keep your business safe long-term at a reasonable cost.

FAQs about Local Access Control Installers in Orange County

What access control systems and brands do you install?

We install Brivo Cloud-Based Access Control Systems and Paxton Access Control Systems. Both of these brands offer excellent systems. We can install an IP-based, cloud-based, or standalone system.

Can you customize a system based on my needs?

All our systems are custom designed. We work with you before installation to design a system that meets your specific security needs while staying within your budget.

Does the system integrate with other security systems, such as cameras and alarms?

Yes, our access control systems do integrate with cameras and alarms and some other security systems.

Can the system be remotely managed?

You will be able to manage the system remotely if you choose a cloud-based or IP access control system. These systems allow you to access your system from almost anywhere and on almost any type of device.

What kind of technical support do you offer after installation?

SoCal Access and Video offers premium technical support if you encounter any issues during the life of your system. Our team can easily assist with adding or removing employees from your system and troubleshoot anything that could affect the integrity of your system.

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