Commercial Video Surveillance Services

Commercial Video Surveillance Services

Video surveillance systems act as a strong deterrent to would be thieves. Whether it’s employee theft, shoplifting or vandalism; the ability to view and record audio and video of the actual act or behavior is a proactive and preventative measure. As Southern California’s primary commercial video surveillance service, we can help protect your business.

SoCal Access and Video will design the right security surveillance system that meets the needs of your business. Whether it’s a standalone digital video surveillance system, or a fully integrated IP based video surveillance system that works in tandem with a card access control system, we have the ability to consult, design, install and maintain your system.

We provide video surveillance services in Claremont and the entire Southern California area, including cities in and around Los Angeles, the West Side Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach and the South Bay. To learn more about our surveillance system consultation and design services, please be sure to contact us today.


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Benefits of a digital video surveillance system

  • Unparalleled superiority in performance, reliability, image resolution, and overall benefits
  • Faster, smarter, sharper than Analog and/or outdated systems
  • Crystal clear playback
  • Higher density recording allows for longer recording onto a hard drive or the cloud.
  • User friendly time and date search features
  • Simultaneous search and record
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Deters many subversive behaviors such as shoplifting, vandalism, and employee theft.
  • Reduces fraudulent liability claims
  • Digitally captures video and audio records of documented incidents
  • Improves employee productivity and business efficiencies, which can lead to an increase in net profit.
  • Acts as a valuable audit log to review internal business activities
  • Can be used in tandem with a card access control system.

Types of Video Surveillance Systems

Today’s technology for commercial video surveillance systems occupies three categories. Analog, or traditional Closed-Circuit Television, HD-CCTV, also referred to as TVI or CVI and IP Video systems, usually run from an IP network. All of our business CCTV cameras and outdoor cameras that we install in Claremont and Southern California can be viewed “live” by closed circuit television. You can also archive recorded video for future review in the event of theft, vandalism, or the need to reenact employee activities.

There are many makes, models, features and price points for video security cameras. Understanding these differences and how the technology best suits your needs and budget will allow you to capture usable live video from both the interior and exterior areas of your business. The signal transmitted from the security camera is displayed “live” on closed circuit television, commonly referred to as CCTV, and footage is saved to a set of files within the security server on a storage device such as a Network Video Server (NVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR). All the CCTV cameras we install in Claremont and Southern California allow you to view archived video through a Video Management Software (VMS) solution to be viewed as needed. Emerging technology using cloud-based video management and archive storage is also becoming more reliable and affordable. SoCal’s video surveillance experts in Claremonte can outfit your business with any manner of surveillance equipment including indoor or outdoor cameras, video recording devices, motion sensors, wireless security cameras, night vision, video analytics, and more.


HD-CCTV is a generic term we use to refer to HD Video over coaxial cable. These technologies can deliver 2-8 megapixel camera resolution and recording. The greatest benefit to this technology is to upgrade older systems without having to run new network cables resulting in significant cost savings to enjoy exceptional viewing clarity. The DVR storing video archives can be networked and accessed over the company network, remotely from outside of the network via a PC, tablet, laptop and/or mobile device (Cellphone).

IP Video Systems

IP Video Surveillance Systems employ today’s latest technologies allowing for more functionality and control of each IP camera as a smart device on the edge of the network. Bi-directional communication allows ease of communication to the camera to adjust settings, and also expands the camera’s ability to communicate across the network. These systems can be designed to utilize existing network infrastructure, or can be a closed network with a single uplink to view cameras from within the company network. These types of design and engineering decisions are generally considered when meeting with your team and looking at the overall topography of your network, bandwidth requirements, camera locations, etcetera.

Analog or CCTV

Yesterday’s technology, analog cameras are surprisingly employed at many existing locations that are still operating with sub 720p resolution cameras and even VHS tapes. Our video surveillance company in Claremont specializes in updating these legacy systems, to get you into a higher functioning and much improved resolution solution at the lowest cost possible.

Access Control Integration

In addition to security cameras, a comprehensive security system will also include some kind of access control solution. We can source and install proximity card readers, biometric systems, and combination keypad/card readers. When you think about access control, you probably envision points of entry into buildings, but it can extend to the perimeters of the outdoor property as well. A fully integrated video surveillance system with properly placed security cameras at key entry points where electronic door locks are utilized can be a useful tool when reconciling entry to a door. By integrating advanced locks and video monitoring, you can ensure the highest levels of protection for your facility. Learn more about Integration and our Access Control Systems here, or contact us today and one of our professionals will assist you in finding the right solution for your organization. 

Our Commercial Video Surveillance ServicesClaremont Video Surveillance

Site Survey Analysis – Design/Engineering – Installation – Maintenance – Support

SoCal Access and Video specializes in the design and installation of video surveillance systems and video security cameras. We custom build fully integrated digital video surveillance systems for any business, industry, and institution. We can also assist you in developing a comprehensive migration plan from your existing digital or analog video surveillance system to keep pace with the new technologies on the market, while maintaining your budget, improving system performance, and ensuring your overall satisfaction. We also specialize in professional installation and ongoing support and service for every system we install. We work with a variety of budgets and customers with different needs. We will custom design and install a video surveillance system that will be most effective and affordable for your operation.

Our surveillance systems offer businesses a single source solution to eliminate losses and control operations. The experts at SoCal Access and Video are professional security consultants and will provide onsite needs analysis, system design, turn-key installation, local on-site service, preventative maintenance and support. Remote viewing capability is a standard function for all of our digital video surveillance systems and security cameras. You will be able to view any security camera remotely via the internet from a laptop, PC, iPod, iPhone or smartphone.

Our Process

Our company works with a variety of businesses, government and law enforcement agencies, health care facilities, schools, distribution centers and new construction projects. All of these different respective entities have unique needs, so there is no “one-size-fits-all” security system solution. As a response, we have developed a very efficient process that allows us to adapt to these diverse conditions.

First, we conduct a customer needs assessment, and it is quite comprehensive. We thoroughly survey the site, and we gain an understanding of the security protocols and the business practices. Of course, we find out what the budget for the project will be. After all of these factors have been taken into consideration, we design and engineer the ideal security system.

Installation is the next step in the process, our professional security system technicians are the best in the business. In our industry, the only constant is change, because technology always advances. Our team members receive ongoing education and training, so they are always fully prepared to work with cutting edge security systems. Once everything is in place to our satisfaction, testing and calibration will come next. When we are certain that all systems are go, we provide thorough, in-depth customer training.

SoCal Access and Video provides exceptional support and warranty after your system is installed for ongoing maintenance to protect your investment and keep your system functioning at its optimum level.


 If you would like to discuss your security system needs with a knowledgeable member of our team, we can be reached by phone right now at 909-624-0111 or 888-762-2509



What are some of the advantages of commercial video surveillance systems?

Commercial video surveillance systems provide extensive benefits to business owners and employees alike. These systems allow you to record and monitor business activities, the behavior of company personnel and visitors, which can act as a useful deterrent for unwanted events such as vandalism or theft. Having a properly designed commercial video surveillance system proves to be an invaluable management tool, allowing your ownership and management team to have their finger on the pulse of the operation. Should an employee accident happen, or an unwanted loss take place, having video footage is an excellent resource to verify the who, what, where, and why of an incident. This will aid in follow-up with the proper authorities, insurance carrier, and to aid in preventing the same incident from occurring again. Remote monitoring of the video surveillance system leads to increased operational efficiency and profits. Utilization of video analytics software can also aid in preventing loss events before they occur.

How do you monitor video surveillance?

You can monitor your video surveillance system by viewing previously recorded footage or streaming camera feeds live. To view live, you’ll need to have live access to your video surveillance system. Many modern systems allow for digital footage to stream directly to mobile devices such as smartphones, or to other devices like desktops and laptops that have access to the network. In closed circuit TV systems, the footage usually feeds to a central location with screens for security personnel to monitor on-site. Leveraging video analytics, one can also employ text notifications when motion occurs, when someone enters an area that is closed, or if there is an anomaly that requires immediate attention. Employing a voicedown function where you can speak from your monitoring location to the subject(s) at the location is a proven effective way to minimize loss and damage to property.

What kind of security cameras work best for businesses?

Cameras and video management systems are evolving quickly. When deciding on which cameras would best suit the needs of your business, we recommend to first consider your budget, overall needs, and how the system will be used by management. The most up to date option is an IP camera with resolution as high as 4K or 8.0 Megapixel. These newer model cameras provide a crystal-clear picture quality with digital zoom, mobile streaming, night vision, HD recording, video analytics, and more. IP cameras also integrate well with access control systems, which can make your commercial security more effective as a whole.

What is a commercial security system?

A commercial security system commonly consists of video surveillance and access control equipment working together to safeguard and monitor your facility, employees, and assets. By utilizing cameras to monitor your facility and card readers to control who can access certain areas, you can effectively monitor, control, and track who is entering while ensuring that your property and those inside it are safe.

How much does a commercial security system cost?

The price of a surveillance system varies greatly depending on the size of the facility, the sophistication of the equipment, the number of cameras or monitors, and more. Upgrading your current analog camera system is a vastly different project than building a brand-new system with the most cutting-edge video surveillance technology. Every system is custom designed to fit the size and needs of each business.  Generally speaking, video surveillance systems run between $500 – $1,500 per camera installed.  Access Control Systems run between $1,100 and $3,000 per door installed.

Do business security cameras require contracts?

No, business security cameras are purchased in full and installed by a service. There can be fees for surveillance software licenses per camera, but the hardware and installation fees are generally paid once. In some cases, the security company may offer an extended warranty which includes the regular service of your hardware and software and advanced replacement for any non-functioning components. This service would be extra and justify a recurring fee.

What is the difference between CCTV and IP camera?

CCTV is a general term that refers to a closed-circuit television.  These surveillance systems are connected via a closed circuit and are usually hardwired to one another with a coaxial cable. IP cameras are more sophisticated smart devices with their own programming and monitoring features. They have bidirectional communication and can be synced, programmed, and monitored outside of their closed loop. IP cameras offer greater versatility and customization as well as advanced technology to record, view, and stream.