SoCal Access and Video is proud to be a certified partner and installer of Brivo Cloud Based Access Control. Brivo is a pioneer in the field of cloud-based access control solutions. This partnership allows us to offer you cutting-edge connectivity and monitoring options that allow you to control and monitor the security of your facility from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Brivo Cloud-Based Access Control

Access Control for Every Facility

Regardless the size of your business, Brivo’s cloud-based solutions scale with your needs. Brivo also provides security camera integration through Eagle Eye in addition to Brivo readers, smart locks, and control panels, all of which can be connected with Brivo’s extremely user friendly cloud software, called Onair.

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Brivo Onair Editions

Brivo OnAir Cloud Based Software comes in three editions with capabilities that scale up with your business.


This is the base package and the perfect entry point for small business owners with one or a few facilities to manage, allowing connectivity with all of your access control devices from all of your devices.


This contains the same capabilities as the Standard Edition and additional features useful for organizations with multiple facilities and more traffic to manage, including active occupancy tracking, trending analysis, and greater data retention.


This again builds on the features of the previous editions plus more designed for organizations with many access points and traffic across several locations. The Enterprise Edition allows a security administrator to actively manage facilities and take action in real time from any location.


Video Security

With installation of the Brivo Access Cam, you can monitor all of your video feeds at all times from anywhere. Brivo offers several styles of camera that can integrate with the Eagle Eye Networks for more options.

A cloud-based security solution like this offers many advantages, including:

  • Reduced need for physical security
  • Observation of all entryways at once and monitoring of who is inside your building at all times
  • Visual records for law enforcement to assist in investigations
  • Visual deterrent to crime


Brivo readers are designed to provide effortless access control management through the Brivo Access program. These sleek, secure controllers manage access at all entry points.

These readers use encrypted access cards that prevent counterfeiting while offering quick and effortless movement. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can even allow users to enter with their smartphones.

Control Panels

Control panels are the nerve center of your access management system, allowing the different components of your access management system, from the sensors to the door locks, to communicate with each other seamlessly. These come in multiple models, from the standalone ACS100, which combines a controller and reader into one package for a single door, to the ACS6000, which can coordinate up to 30 doors simultaneously.

Smart Locks

A wireless smart lock can be just the solution to manage and track access into and throughout your facilities while allowing ease of movement and a quick and painless installation.

These come in a wide variety of design options to match the aesthetic needs of your facility. Brivo’s Onair software can integrate with a variety of wireless smart lock manufacturers, including Allegion, ASSA ABLOY’S Aperio™, and more.