Fontana, California Video Surveillance with Access Control

Welcome to our Fontana, California business security system information page. SoCal Access and Video stands alone as the leading provider of commercial security systems in San Bernardino County, and we have earned this distinction through hard work and dedication. We got into this business because we sincerely care about the communities that we serve, and we have always stayed on the cutting edge as security system technology has advanced.

Fontana is known as the “City of Action,” and this describes it very well. It is one of the largest cities in terms of population in the Golden State, and it is extremely important to the trucking industry because of its strategic location. We enjoy the time that we spend in town, and we have always gotten very positive feedback from locals. If you are in the Highland Avenue/North Linden Avenue section, Declezville, City Center, the Old Field Avenue/Fernwood Avenue area, or any other part of Fontana, California a security system resource will always be just a phone call away.


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Access Control Solutions

Access control should be part of any well-conceived total business security solution. Proximity card readers are widely utilized, and they offer a number of appealing features. The cards are very inexpensive to reproduce, and they can be color-coded for identification purposes. For example, people in management that have access to certain sensitive areas could have a blue card, and hourly employees that simply need access to their workspaces could have a white card.

Biometric technology is also very appealing to many business decision-makers. The biometric access control systems Fontana, California clients can obtain through our company utilize unique physical characteristics like fingerprints or retinas to grant access to authorized entrants. We have numeric keypads available as well, and in some instances, this relatively simple form of access control can be the best choice.

Video Surveillance for Fontana, California Businesses

You can rely on us for video surveillance systems to seal the deal, and we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Clearly, video surveillance can be involved in your theft prevention and detection strategy, and cameras can be used to monitor employee productivity. Plus, footage can be reviewed if your business is ever sued by someone that has been injured on your property.

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