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Fire and Burglar


Alarm systems are a crucial part of your building’s security and safety

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Fire and Burglar

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Alarm systems are a crucial part of your building’s security and safety: SoCal Access and Video’s professional team of project managers, design professionals, and consultants can plan a comprehensive fire alarm system for your facility in Claremont or anywhere in the Southern California area.

All the assets your building holds—materials, equipment, not to mention your employees and customers—are worth protecting. Don’t take any chances, and don’t settle for a company that isn’t effective and experienced.

Alarm Systems

Professionally Designed and Fully Compliant

We go the extra mile

If a fire breaks out in your building, you need to know that your alarm system is going to help everyone get out safely and prevent property damage. This is why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the State of California maintain strict standards regarding fire alarm systems.

This is also why SoCal Access and Video goes the extra mile to ensure that every fire alarm system we design and work with meets or exceeds the standards of the NFPA, California Administrative Code Title 24, and any additional city-level requirements. We have helped countless customers in Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, Long Beach, and the South Bay with installation, inspection, and maintenance of their fire alarm systems.

Alarm Systems

Immediately Notify the Fire Department

When a fire breaks out, every second counts as you evacuate, and you want to know that help is on the way. When you have a modern, state-of-the-art fire alarm system designed by SoCal Access and Video, you can be sure that your fire alarm system will immediately notify the fire department the moment a fire is detected.

Reduce Property Damage

The sooner you are aware of a fire, the sooner it can be put out, reducing damage to your building and everything inside. This can mean the difference between minimal damage and a complete loss.

Integration with Your Security System

Your fire alarm and your security system are both crucial components protecting your property, and your building can benefit greatly from a seamless installation. SoCal Access and Video specializes in designing complete systems for these technologies, so you can rest easy knowing that your building is safe day and night from fire as well as unexpected visitors.

Burglar Alarms

You work hard to grow and maintain your business, so don’t let it be hurt by theft. Let SoCal Access and Video protect your property with a commercial burglar alarm system customized for your facility and needs. We provide our services to institutions of all sizes, and we can help protect your company today.

Advanced Equipment

With today’s burglar alarm systems, your property can receive more protection than ever before. With choices such as remote guarding, glass breakage sensors, and for emergency situations, panic buttons, your facility and everyone inside can feel a lot safer. However, this advanced technology does need to be installed by professionals. SoCal Access and Video partners with expert, licensed sub-contractors to install fire and burglar alarm systems and smoke detectors on your commercial property.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Trust the Experts for Your Alarm Systems

SoCal Access and Video partners with expert, licensed subcontractors to install fire and burglar alarm systems and smoke detectors. Whether you are bringing your building’s system up to code, assessing your existing system, or installing a completely new system, you can trust SoCal Access and Video to keep you and your property safe. Call SoCal Access and Video today and be aware the instant a fire breaks out.