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SoCal Access and Video has built a reputation as the leading source for commercial security systems in Rialto, California. We set the standard because we have always taken the initiative to stay one step ahead of the technological curve. Plus, we employ the best and the brightest when it comes to our business security system installation technicians. Knowledge, expertise, the latest equipment, and a sincere passion for the trade all come together to create a powerful combination.

This San Bernardino County city is unique in a number of different ways. Since it is so centrally located with large population centers in all directions, it is the ideal place for distribution centers. There are a number of different large corporations that ship things out from Rialto, and they are major employers. Without question, it is a great place to live, work, and play, and we are proud to serve its residents. If you are in Verdemont, Devore, the Arrow Highway/Locust Avenue area, the South Cactus Avenue/West Merrill Avenue section, or anywhere else in town, for security systems in Rialto, California, SoCal Access is the only name you need to remember.


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Access Control

A modern security system will include an access control component. There are multiple options available to you, and one of them would be the proximity card readers that are quite popular. In addition to the triggering of access, you can track the comings and goings of cardholders, and the cards can be color coded to indicate various different levels of clearance.

We also sell and install highly effective biometric access control systems. These are the units that are controlled by physical features like fingerprints, hand prints, or retinas. Numeric keypads are also available, and for some businesses, this relatively simple, straightforward solution will be the best choice.

Rialto, California Video Surveillance Specialists

In addition to access control, video surveillance is the other piece of the total business security puzzle. We source the most effective systems on the market today, and we have a wide range of options in stock, so you will definitely be able to find the video surveillance equipment that is ideal for your commercial spaces.

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