SoCal Access and Video is a certified partner and installer of Paxton Access Control, a leading provider of security solutions for more than 30 years. Our security installations use many innovative products developed by Paxton that are guaranteed to improve the ease of managing the security of your facility.

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Paxton Access Control

The Benefits

Although it’s true you could use locks and keys to keep your building secure, doing this is not as convenient or as secure as installing a Paxton Access Control System. Physical security measures like keys are easily lost and sometimes stolen, either of which will require your locks to be changed and new keys made, which is costly and inconvenient. But with a Paxton Access Control System, your building will be kept secure while enabling you to monitor who comes into your building, while avoiding the need for costly and inconvenient key replacement. 

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Paxton Net2

Lite and Professional Versions

Net2 is the Paxton Access Control Software platform, It comes in two versions – Lite and Professional. Both versions include lifetime software updates and can be run on a simple PC or Server. The software is extremely user friendly and straightforward in its programming of doors and credentials, as well as its ongoing monitoring and management. A networked access control system that controls the locks and opening of doors via programming done through a PC takes the guess work and effort out of managing employee keys and access to your facility. This system works well for sites with several doors and users, allowing for different levels of permission to be granted to different users or groups of users. Net2 even has the option of using hands-free key cards, which is particularly useful in facilities where elderly people or people with disabilities will need access. It also comes with a video intercom that allows you to interact with the person requesting entry to your facility.


The lite version has these features: multiple clients, free upgrades, CCTV integration, site graphics, triggers and actions, intruder alarm integration, entry compatibility, biometric integration, third-party readers, card designer, timesheet, and timeline.


The professional comes with all the lite features and the following: landlord-tenant/advanced operator permissions, roll call and muster reporting, fire alarm integration, anti-passback, security lockdown, multi-zone intruder alarm integration, custom days, area, customizable welcome page, Paxton Connect app, Net2Online web user interface, checkpoint control, and occupancy management.


Wireless Locksets

A Paxlock wireless lockset is an ideal solution for access control, all in the convenience of a door handle. With a Paxton battery-powered wireless lockset, we can offer you access control in a wide variety of locations, even where a permanent power source is not an option. This means a quicker installation and minimal disruption. These come in locksets that will work with a networked system as well as standalone systems.

Paxton Components

Paxton prides itself in its long and extensive list of environmentally sound and architecturally designed components, including readers that complement your building and organization.