Electronic Access Control Systems in Southern California

Installation, Maintenance & Repairs for Business Access Control Systems in Southern California

All businesses, from very small businesses to the largest corporations, have assets that require protection. The safety of staff, visitors, proprietary information, and company operational processes are also of paramount importance to safeguard from both internal and external threats, and a high-quality security system is one of the best ways to do this. Electronic access control systems and electronic types of key card locks provide the most efficient and convenient technology to secure your building and to protect company assets.

One of the advantages of installing id card access systems and card reader is the substantial savings and operational efficiencies realized in fewer, if any, lock rekeying needs to be done. Instead, tokens such as access cards, smart cards, key fobs, or biometric characteristics can be used to allow access through any controlled door, such as overhead doors. These tokens can be easily added, deleted, tracked, or modified to allow or deny entry to enrollees.


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Overview of Business Access Control Systems

The primary purpose of card access control systems and ID badge systems is to enable an organization to control, monitor, and track who has access to the facilities, such as an office building or warehouse, among others. Using a key card door entry system is the way to secure your assets and employees. Key card systems can be used in lieu of having someone check employee Id cards at entrances. More importantly, key card entry systems provide critical aid in the reduction of theft and injury, and mitigate the risk of exposing the company to unwanted access by both internal employees and outside threats that may cause additional liability to the safety of both people and property.
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Unsecured doors invite the possibility of opportunist theft and malicious damage. This is where SoCal Access and Video’s id Card access control systems in Claremont and Southern California can help. We offer innovative identity solutions, smart door software, digital keypads, access control panels, and other systems that can be integrated into the overall security strategy and network of the organization.



Say Goodbye to Old-School Locks and Keys

When keys are lost or stolen, the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable. Keys are easily copied, creating additional security risks. It is also common in buildings that are secured by locks and keys for doors to be left unlocked, not only during working hours, but inadvertently, or intentionally after hours. Switching to an access control solution, particularly during any new commercial door installation, eliminates the need for physical keys and replaces them with desired credentials, or tokens.

These tokens can be easily removed from the system should they be lost, stolen, or not returned by someone who leaves your company, rather than needing to replace door hardware. Barred tokens will not allow access through the controlled doors. Once an access control system is installed, all door locks use card access and will be controlled by the system. Anyone without the proper permissions in the form of a PIN, access token, proximity card, and/or biometric will be unable to enter. Our door access control systems for business will make accessing your facility easier for authorized individuals while keeping it more secure.

Role-Based Access Control Systems (RBAC)

Key card access control systems, as well as key fob entry systems, can offer flexible control over users’ access rights. For example, both of these systems can allow all staff to gain entry through the main door of a building, but access to internal areas may be restricted to those who have a specific job function that requires access to that area. Entry may also be restricted by time, only granting access to particular users at certain times of day or night. If necessary, doors, such as a commercial door may be set to unlock during a designated time frame, such as the front lobby door may be open and unlocked from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM,  but have restricted access before and after normal work hours.

Personalized Control

In order to establish a reliable and effective access control system, it is necessary to develop a combination of three important factors. These are a complete access control plan, an electronic access control system, and a properly engineered ID badge, token, RFID card, or key card and fobs. A complete access control plan takes into account how the operation and people flow to make the system function properly and yield long-term success. SoCal Access and Video are experts at installing access control systems across Los Angeles, Claremont, and Southern California, assisting organizations in undertaking these three important areas and then executing the most effective and appropriate plan to best meet your company’s specifications and budget.

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Types of Access Control

Every company, building, door, and security system is unique. To better understand which access control management system option is best for you and your company, the experts at SoCal Access and Video will examine your facility and work within your desired budget to design the proper system for you. The options below will help you to better understand which types of systems our service has to offer.

IP Based

Internet Protocol Access Controllers are now the industry standard in today’s connected business environment. All our access control systems in Claremont and Southern California come with a variety of options. We help you to leverage your business network and the internet, enabling you to control, monitor and manage your access control system from just about anywhere and from any type of device. Our clients love having the power to control access to their business in the palm of their hands!

We recommend IP Based Software and Access Controllers (like an RFID reader) because of their ease of use and general simplicity. The system is intuitive with the ability to manage reports, add users, and customize the homepage without the need for specialist knowledge. The system also allows for multiple workstations, and free software upgrades and is cost-effective over the life of the system.


Enjoy the added accessibility, flexibility, efficiency, and value of Cloud Access Control Software to monitor and manage your property and employees. Instead of relying on hardware such as physical, on-site servers, Cloud-Based access control systems allow the database to reside in an offsite, cloud storage space that is accessible through a stable internet connection from any device with the appropriate permissions. Using the cloud reduces the cost and hassle of maintaining on-site servers, and database management and allows for desktop and mobile access to reports, logs, door functionality, and token enrollment from just about anywhere with an internet connection.


These systems are meant to operate as self-contained units with little to no reliance on servers or internet connection. The basic concept lends itself to those looking for a smaller security solution with minimal costs and upkeep. Although these offer fewer users and little to no report tracking capabilities, they can still be a valuable asset to the physical security of your facilities.


Types of Credentials and Authentication

  • Badges – An individualized card including written information and an image that is given to each authorized user, which grants them specific access determined upon the creation of their token. Badges can have a variety of visual security features, such as a photo of the badge holder to confirm identity, holographic elements to verify the authenticity of the credential, and multiple technologies for a “one-badge-Solution”.
  • Key Cards – These general access tokens or swipe cards are about the size of a credit card that is similar to badges except without personal information such as name and a photo of the individual, and are used with our key card access systems. Users will swipe the magnetic stripe through the reader to authenticate for access.
  • Keypads – A console that requires a set of digits to unlock the door.
  • Smartphones – Outfitting your personal or company-issued smartphone with the necessary credentials to act as a token for entering parts of your facility.
  • Biometric entry – Utilizing a database of fingerprints or other identifying characteristics of an individual to act as a secure token.
  • Multifactor Authentication – All the above-mentioned credentials can also be utilized together to require dual or triple authentication. For example, after hours a facility could require the use of both a card and a pin to gain access. In higher security environments, a biometric along with a pin and an ID badge is often required.


Types of Electronic Locks and Access Hardware

  • Electric StrikesThree basic categories exist for electric strikes. They are, Mortise Strike, Cylindrical Strike and a Surface Mount Strike. All of these contain a solenoid that when electrified through the access control system sends a signal to the lock and allows access to the restricted area. There are many variations of these three types of strikes, and knowing which one best suits your door depends on several factors including the type of lockset installed on the door, the type of frame, whether or not the frame is grouted, and the surrounding construction around the door.
  • Magnetic Locks – Maglocks require power to stay locked, as opposed to the other three categories (Strikes, handset, and crash bars) that generally require power to unlock (although there are exceptions to this depending on fire life safety requirements). A maglock is just as the name suggests, an electromagnetic current that keeps the two plates together via magnetic fields until the current is broken by an approved credential allowing the door to open.
  • Electrified Handsets (mortise or Cylindrical) – Many higher-end buildings do not favor electric strikes due to the sometimes necessary cutting of the door frame. Other factors also influence a call to install an electrified handset. These contain a solenoid inside of the handle to allow for the door handle to unlock when the access control system sends an electric pulse to the door. The main, additional expense in this type of application sometimes requires a door to be core drilled from the hinge to the handle opening to allow for the trigger wire to be installed inside of the door. Doing this core drilling is a service SoCal Access and Video provides along with the re-certification of the door to fire-rated standard.
  • Electrified Crash Bar – An electrified crash bar is just like a mechanical crash bar, but will unlock electronically with an approved token presented and the access control system sending the electronic pulse to the door. Many mechanical crash bars can be retrofitted with an electrification kit enabling use of existing hardware and saving time and money on installation costs.
  • Interlocking Doors – Also referred to as a ManTrap are quite commonly deployed in banks and clean rooms where two doors work together to delay the cardholder in a vestibule between the two access doors.
  • Gate and Roll-up Door Motors – SoCal Access and Video also work with vehicle gates and roll-up doors. Our electronic door lock technicians in Claremont can work with just about any electronic device relay to activate access and/or close the opening through an access control system. In many cases, we can also do this wirelessly when there is no cabling at a remote gate location.

Free Egress: It’s important to note that all of these electrified hardware solutions allow for the free egress of people to exit the building in the event of an emergency.


Video Surveillance Integration

Security systems are made up of all manner of protective devices that work in tandem to give you the greatest protection over your business. Access control systems can grant or deny entry, whereas video camera surveillance can monitor your facility day and night. Both are valuable defenses against unwanted events and we recommend pairing them together whenever possible. To learn more about SoCal Access and Video’s video surveillance options, click here. The work integration provides two disparate systems working in tandem on one unified platform.

Access Control Systems Installation

SoCal Access and Video provides a variety of access control systems and will work directly with your organization to determine which system best fits your needs and budget. Whether the location has one or multiple doors, or you have multiple sites, we are able to create a scalable security access control system that will allow you to better manage your business.
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Once the access control software is installed, it will control all the doors brought into the system throughout your facility. A centralized electronic access control system utilizes a PC, Server, or web-based interface to verify personnel and replace your employee tokens (cards, key fobs, pins, and/or biometrics). You have total control to set the credentials that are used to allow entry and your new security system will only grant access once those credentials are presented. However, your employees will find the system convenient as well, since in many cases they will be able to download a mobile app and use their smartphone to access their work areas.

We utilize the leading access control high quality hardware and software including Brivo, Paxton Access, Northern, and others. We provide the high security services you would expect with these cloud based systems and real time management software.  Our recommendations and designs are based on your specific security needs, the level of protection that is needed by your access manager, and your budget guidelines. Most importantly, we do not recommend proprietary products that cost more and lock you into a never-ending relationship with your security integrator. We believe in doing our job at a high level, at the same time allowing you the choice to shop around for other options, although we believe our service and our pricing is very competitive and nearly unbeatable. Lastly, in not offering certain types of access control platforms and/or proprietary products, we take special interest in the lifetime cost of your system. Many of our customers are victims of access control platforms that after five to ten years are required to upgrade panels and software at the same or greater cost than the original installation. We at SoCal Access and Video do not believe that makes any sense and it’s certainly not good business. We want to partner with our customers to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution for the life of the system. We strive to be unobtrusive and get the job done with minimal disruption to your daily processes. The end result is to make your business more efficient and profitable for years to come.

Maintenance and Repair

As professional access control installers, we are also able to provide maintenance and repairs to your system. Whether you are adding or removing old or new employees or wish to add on to your existing system, we will assist you with maintaining the integrity of your access control or door entry systems.

We service the entire Southern California area including cities in and around Long Beach, Orange County, the San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, Los Angeles & West Side Los Angeles. Contact us today to learn more about our access control, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. This includes our commercial security services, such as consultation, design, and installation, as well as maintenance and repair services.