The Brivo Access Control for Security at Your Business

by | May 2, 2022

Brivo access control solutions are one of the best ways to enhance and simplify your business’s security by seamlessly integrating the physical elements with network applications. Employees and visitors can be issued unique pins, smart cards, or mobile credentials to make access control easy and flexible. In addition, Brivo Onair can allow your business to manage access control and video surveillance in real-time, making it easy to monitor and manage your property from anywhere.

Restrict Access to Authorized Individuals

The primary goal of any access control system is to control access to certain buildings or areas. The Brivo access control system makes this easy by allowing the system manager to create customized access credentials to ensure that individuals are only permitted to be where they should be, when they should be.

This means that a property manager may allow employees or visitors building access only at certain times, such as when they are on duty, or perhaps enable delivery personnel to access to storage or loading docks on certain days and times. These credentials can also easily be granted on a temporary basis, making it easy to allow access to visitors who only need entry for a short time.

Easy Contactless Entry

The pandemic showed many businesses the importance of limiting the spread of germs in their facilities. A common touchpoint for many facilities has traditionally been physical security measures. However, Brivo security solutions can help.

With Brivo security solutions, businesses can decrease the number of people who need to touch frequently used surfaces, such as elevator buttons or door handles that could allow the spread of viruses such as COVID-19. Brivo access control and video can also allow personnel to identify visitors, unlock doors, and remotely grant access to a facility for a period of time, thus eliminating the need for an employee to let them in. This decreases the need for face-to-face exposure and is ideal for situations such as regular deliveries.

Create Logs of Activity

Brivo systems log all activity, which can provide valuable data in the event of security issues or injury claims, or simply to track employee hours. With Brivo security, all significant events are recorded, cataloged, and ready for review anywhere and at any time on the mobile application with your Brivo login.

With advanced data analytics, Brivo access identifies key moments for attention. For example, with Brivo Snapshot, AI technology uses machine learning to gather event and video data into a single frame. This means a visual record is created every time an entry occurs to instantly confirm that the individual using the credential is actually the person to whom it belongs.

Greater Convenience for Employees

For employees, a Brivo access system can make life a lot easier by removing  the worry of losing keys or locking and unlocking doors every time they come and go. Instead, their key could simply be their smartphone or a PIN that allows them instant building access. Employees can easily be assigned unique credentials, which will enable them to enter the areas they are authorized to access without delay.

This eliminates the costly hassle of rekeying locks every time a key is lost or stolen and removes the risk of a disgruntled ex-employee accessing the facility post-termination, as credentials can be enabled or disabled immediately without the risk of copies being made.

System Integration

Another key benefit of a Brivo access control system is that it integrates with all of your business’s security systems, including Eagle Eye Networks security cameras and software. With Brivo’s ACS6100 control panel, firmware updates can be performed remotely, and new features and integrated products are added regularly. This means future upgrades can be installed as soon as new products are integrated with Brivo’s systems.

Remote Access

You can’t be there 24/7, but with Brivo’s mobile application and video intercoms, you don’t need to be. When contractors, delivery personnel, or any other visitors arrive after hours, you can see who they are and begin opening doors. This is far more affordable than paying staff to remain at all hours.

Complete Security

The full benefit of Brivo access control is that it meets all of your property’s security needs while remaining flexible enough to grow with your business in the long run. New terminals and access cards can easily be added. As employees come and go and positions change, credentials can be added, removed, or changed to allow access to different areas. This can greatly improve your facility’s security without disrupting your focus on running your business.

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