Installer for Industrial Security Cameras in Southern California

by | Jan 31, 2023

Security cameras are essential for any industrial facility. But some industrial businesses require careful consideration due to their special needs. Industrial facilities often have heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and loading docks that require surveillance and need cameras that are sturdy enough to hold up under these conditions. Here at SoCal Access and Video, we can install industrial security cameras that are sturdy enough to withstand almost any industrial environment, and these cameras will have many advantages for your facility beyond security.

Benefits of Video Surveillance

It is important to secure your perimeter and ensure your security personnel are aware of anyone trying to enter your facility or behaving suspiciously in the area. Additionally, if a crime does occur, the video recording can be used as evidence. But in many industries, there will be people other than employees accessing your building that you need to keep track of while they’re on your property. Also, you may have employees with different levels of access. So, your video surveillance equipment is going to need to cover all areas of your facility, from the parking lot to the doors accessing different areas of your facility, and possibly include integrated video and audio to allow verification. This system will ensure that individuals only access the areas you want them to.

However, security cameras can do more than protect your building and keep your inventory and materials secure. They can also help to improve employee safety by encouraging employees to obey safety rules. You can use videos from your surveillance camera to investigate accidents to see what you can do to make sure the same type of incident doesn’t happen again. Video surveillance can also be used to monitor the production process in order to optimize your operations. Managers can use video analytics to find areas of production where they might be able to make changes that could improve efficiency.

Using CCTV

CCTV is a video surveillance system that uses closed-circuit television. This system will run twenty-four hours a day, constantly recording images. Some of these systems allow you to access the system from your computer or mobile device, thus allowing you to see what is happening at your business whenever you want.

CCTV can be used in addition to security personnel, thus enhancing your security as your security guards cannot be everywhere at once. This system is particularly useful for helping employees monitor hazardous areas of a facility, such as areas with dangerous machinery.

Types of Security Cameras

No one video surveillance system or security camera is right for every business. You have many choices regarding industrial security cameras, and the right ones will depend on your situation. At SoCal Access and Video, we can help you choose the best security cameras for your facility. But here is a list of some of the common types of industrial security cameras.

3D Cameras

Businesses can use 3D cameras for a variety of industrial applications, including sorting, quality inspections, and validation, among others, which can then be used by management to improve the efficiency and productivity of the business. This type of camera can also scan faces, meaning it can be used for security purposes as well.

360 Field of View Cameras

This type of camera is useful for surveillance of your entire facility or building. The camera view can also be split into smaller sections without losing image quality. However, these cameras do have some downsides. They are intended for indoor use, which can limit their application. They also may require additional storage or a dedicated network, thus increasing their cost.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras detect different temperatures by identifying the infrared radiation that an object emits. This is different from standard cameras that work on the visible spectrum. This makes these cameras useful not only for detecting intruders but also for monitoring equipment and for preventative maintenance, along with several other industrial applications.

Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) Camera

SWIR cameras are good for facial recognition and similar uses, especially in rain or fog. They are particularly helpful when used in conjunction with thermal cameras because of their ability to help identify what objects are.

High-Speed Cameras

High-speed cameras capture more images per second by using vertical binning, multitap sensor technology, partial scans, and other techniques.

Choosing the Right Industrial Security Cameras

As we said above, industrial facilities have special needs when it comes to installing video surveillance systems or industrial security cameras. It is important to work with someone you can trust. At SoCal Access and Video, we have the knowledge and experience to install and maintain a video surveillance system customized to your facility’s needs. We can help you design a standalone system or help you integrate video surveillance with your existing access control system.