What Southern California Businesses Are Doing About Security

by | Jul 3, 2023

More than ever, Southern California business owners are finding that having security for their properties is a must. From on-site security personnel to surveillance and access control solutions, So-Cal businesses are stepping up to an increased need for security. Here are a few of the most successful steps these businesses are taking to protect their property and personnel.

Identifying Security Gaps

Many Southern California businesses probably already have some sort of security system in place. However, many businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about security due to increases in crime in some areas. One good way to improve an existing security system is to look for any gaps that might be in the system. 

You should consider how people access your building as well as any secure areas in your building. Does your current security system grant easy access for employees and other individuals you want to enter your facility while keeping others out? You may also have secure areas within your facility that you want to limit access to. If so, you’ll want to make sure the access control for these areas is convenient and effective. 

In addition to a good access control system, many businesses will want to have effective video surveillance in their facilities. Having a visible surveillance system is a good way to discourage crime. Depending on the type of video surveillance, businesses may be able to deal with situations as they are happening, thus limiting, or preventing damage. Additionally, it can be good for legal purposes should a crime or even an accident occur.

In addition to discouraging theft by outsiders, a good surveillance system can allow business owners and managers to monitor their employees. Sadly, a lot of crime is committed by employees, which needs to be discouraged and dealt with if it does happen.

Updating Access Control

An access control system is a vital part of any security system, and it is essential for businesses to have one that works well for them. For many businesses, updating their access control will provide a considerable upgrade in security. This is especially true for Southern California businesses that are still using locks and keys. With a new access control system, such as Brivo Cloud-Based Access Control or Paxton Access Control, your business will no longer need to worry about replacing lost keys or possibly even replacing locks if an employee leaves without turning in their keys. Instead, the doors would be controlled by the system, and access would be gained using credentials or tokens chosen by the business. With many access control systems, you can access your system from any mobile device.

Because there are several options for access control systems, almost any size of business should be able to find a system that fits their needs and budget. Internet Protocol Access Controllers are probably the most common choice. These systems are generally easy to use and can be accessed from most devices. For businesses that would prefer to have their servers off-site, cloud-based access control systems are an option.

Investing in Improved Surveillance

Video surveillance is an important part of any security system. For retail businesses, it discourages theft. Most customers are not going to try to steal anything if they know they are being monitored by a security camera. The recordings from a video surveillance system can be useful for more than evidence of theft. They can also be used as evidence if a customer sues a business for an injury or claims they were mistreated by an employee.

A video surveillance system can also help keep employees safe by discouraging crime against them. Additionally, these systems can be used to monitor employees to judge job performance and encourage them to obey safety rules.

There are different options available for businesses to choose a surveillance system that works well for them, such as an HD-CCTV system or an IP Video System.


This type of system delivers excellent resolution and recording quality. It also has the advantage of allowing older systems to be upgraded to use this technology without having to replace network cables.

IP Video System

These systems give users more functionality and control of their security cameras. They use bidirectional communication, which makes it easy to adjust the cameras. They also allow businesses to use their current network infrastructure or have a closed network.

Final Thoughts

Many companies in Southern California are trying to improve their security systems to reduce theft and improve safety. Plenty of these businesses have a security system but want to update it. Updating is especially important for businesses that have older systems, such as analog or CCTV systems. Fortunately, there are a myriad of excellent options available for improving security systems, and in many cases, these upgrades are quite economical.

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