Business Security Systems in Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, CA and surrounding areas

by | Oct 5, 2017

SoCal Access & Video specialises in business security systems and they can help protect your commercial investments in City of Industry, Irvine, Ontario, Orange County, Rancho Cucamonga or Riverside. They provide a turn key solution for your business security needs. It does not matter whether you are small business a K-12 School, a hotel, hospital or restaurant, they have the right security solutions for you.

Business security systems have 2 main components namely access control and surveillance systems.

Access control is designed to prevent unauthorised entry into a building, facility or department. Modern access control systems can consist of card systems or biometric systems.

Both access control systems provide clear benefits:

  • Restricts access to authorised people
  • Access controls can also be applied to sensitive areas
  • Protects assets and peoples
  • Enables you to monitor business access
  • Provides an activity log of accesses
  • Eliminates traditional re-keying and lock changing costs
  • Can be integrated with a time and attendance system

Without proper access control, your building or facility will vulnerable to unauthorised and unwanted access by others.

=Video surveillance is another important component of building security. Camera surveillance acts as a deterrent against unwanted and subversive behavior. When people are aware that their actions could be caught on camera, they will in most cases steer away from wrongdoing. Surveillance footage can also be used as evidence in any investigation pursuant to an incident.

Video surveillance is an effective tool to reduce shoplifting, theft, false workmen compensation claims, theft, vandalism and so on. Surveillance can also be monitored in real time which means rapid response can be triggered to any unfolding of or developing event or incidence.

Video surveillance is generally considered to have a positive impact on productivity. Video surveillance can be also used for staff monitoring and training.

Business Security Systems in Riverside, Ontario, and neighbors, including Orange County & City of Industry. Offering Security Cameras, Video Surveillance, more.