Are Access Control Systems Important for Business Security?

by | Jan 3, 2022

Security is crucial to the success of businesses of all sizes. The loss of important equipment and data can be devastating and often leads to business failure. However, instead of leaving it up to chance with traditional strategies, access control systems provide large and small business owners alike the opportunity to take proactive steps to protect their assets.

What Is an Access Control System?

Assess control systems are a security solution that allows administrators to control access to a facility. Through an access control system, you can control who has access to your building, what days and times they are allowed, and where they can go after they have entered.

These systems are extremely flexible and capable of permitting business owners to create several layers of security. For example, depending on the facility, it might be possible to have a gated entrance controlling the first layer of access control; beyond this, you could choose to limit access to any building within the perimeter as well. From there, it is possible to control access to individual floors and even rooms.

The Benefits of Access Control

There are numerous benefits to access control that make it invaluable for business security, and a few are particularly important. If you still aren’t sure that your business needs access control, here are the most important ways that it can benefit your business.

Improved Security

As we’ve already addressed, access control systems limit who can access your facility as well as when and where they can enter. With a system, there is no forgetting to lock up or worry that an employee may duplicate keys. By limiting access to only the individuals who are supposed to be there, you can prevent many thefts or other incidents from arising in the first place. Also, by knowing where employees are at any given time when a problem does arise, your security can respond quickly.

Creates an Audit Trail

Access control systems log all entry and exit data, which can be crucial if an incident arises. If a valuable goes missing, this data can show who may have been present in the area when the theft occurred, which can help to quickly resolve such issues.

In addition, these audit trails can help solve common management issues such as timecard disputes. With entry and exit data, your business can have an indisputable record of when employees arrive and leave.

No More Rekeying

Many business owners have dealt with angry employees who have left without returning their keys. With traditional locks, this means rekeying the doors to prevent future unauthorized access. However, this can prove extremely expensive. With an access control system, this issue is completely eliminated.

A computerized access control system enables you to simply change codes and enable or disable keycards at any time for anyone in your company. Plus, as an added bonus, this prevents employees from being able to duplicate or share keys with others, which also improves your security.  Brivo Access Control system can automate the security and management of your building with mobile management, video surveillance, identity tags, and even visitor access.  Another option is the Paxton NET2 which comes with lifetime software updates on any PC or server.  The software is easy to understand and straightforward programming for ongoing monitoring and management.

The Bottom Line

Security is crucial for every business regardless of size, and an access control system can enable businesses to ensure only authorized personnel are allowed to enter. Of course, compliance with government and industry regulations and standards such as CTPAT, Motion Picture Industry standards, and general best practices are recommended for physical, cyber, and information security.  If you are ready to improve your business security, then contact us now to find a system that fits your needs and budget.