3 Types Of Access Control Systems Businesses Can Use To Secure Their Premises

by | Aug 13, 2019

Technology has had its impact on virtually everything with security being no exception. Today, you will find a variety of high-end systems on the market, designed to help businesses, as well as homeowners, take the security of their premises to a whole different level. An access control system is one such popular device.  The purpose of these devices is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are “authorized” to enter.

Although access control systems vary widely in types and levels of complexity, here are 3 types businesses can use to secure their premises –

  • Card-based- Most card-based access control systems generally consist of at least three basic components: access cards, card readers, and keypads. Proximity (access) cards, when held two to six inches in front of the card reader installed at the entrance, grant permission to enter the premises. The system elicits an OK beep when authorized by the card reader and unlocks the door. The benefit of using the best access card-based control systems in LA is that they are personalized, so any unlock event can be traced back to the individual associated with.
  • Cloud-based– In a cloud-based access control system, the access permissions are stored in the cloud, instead of a local server. This means that the administrator can manage the permissions from anywhere simply by using a browser. This type of system is most suited to security managers charged with overseeing multi-location facilities.
  • Smartphone-based – Once authorized, and users have downloaded the access control app to their smartphones, they are able to sign in with their user details (log-in credentials), and as soon as their authorized keys appear, and choose which door to open. The door will unlock, but log-in credentials are checked in the background, just like sending an email.

With break-ins and criminal activities on the rise, upgrading to the latest and more reliable security systems makes complete sense. Looking to find access control systems in Los Angeles?

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