3 Factors that Heighten the Likelihood of Office Burglaries

by | Aug 25, 2019

While all businesses are prone to burglary or theft, some businesses appeal more to the eyes of burglars than others. For instance, a jewelry shop is more likely to get robbed than a grocery store due to the valuable products it holds. Hence, such industries require additional security to prevent cases of theft or burglary.

But how do burglars choose their target? What makes a business become a prime target? According to experts, three qualities make a business fall vulnerable to burglary and these are:

Known valuables: businesses that deal with invaluable items are the top pick for burglars and thieves. Jewelry shops, electronics stores, pharmacies, liquor shops, and many others are the prime targets for robbers as they can sell the stolen products at a larger profit.

Cash on hand: any business that keeps a large sum of money on hand often falls prey to cases of theft or robbery. Banks, pawn stores, and similar businesses have a higher risk of burglary than others. Thus, they need an updated security system comprising advanced security systems cameras installed by an experienced security camera installation company in Orange County.

Late working hours: businesses such as bars, convenience stores, late-night restaurants, gas stations, and many others are the potential target for burglars as they open late and only a few people are around.

Tips for keeping your business secure, and preventing burglary and other criminal activities:

  • Install video cameras to monitor the surroundings and record everything happening in and around the premises. However, it’s crucial to take help from a renowned security camera installation service in Orange County.
  • Install monitored alarms as they alert you whenever there is an attempt of burglary
  • Window-break sensors trigger an alarm in case of a break-in through windows. If your setup has windows, consider installing them.
  • Incorporating access cards and door sensors can prevent the cases of an unauthorized door opening.

Bottom line

If you think your business is susceptible to burglary, make sure you incorporate the best security practices to safeguard against any criminal activity. If you need help with security systems, we can deliver a comprehensive suite of commercial and business security products with a strong emphasis on service.